WorkForce West Virginia is the state’s primary resource center for workforce development.

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foreign labor certification

WorkForce can help employers find qualified domestic workers or provide information on Foreign Labor Certification.


SIDES is an electronic way for employers to respond to unemployment requests.

Unemployment Resources

Employer Applications

New businesses must submit an application to WorkForce West Virginia to determine if they meet liability requirements.

Quarterly Reporting

Employers must submit wage reports to WorkForce West Virginia every quarter.

Defaulted Accounts

Defaulted Accounts list businesses that have failed to pay their unemployment taxes.

Violators List

The Violators List tabulates employers that are delinquent in paying their Unemployment Compensation taxes.  

Work Refusal

Employers must report individuals who have refused a suitable work offer.

Employer FAQ

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions about employer accounts.

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If a prior employee has been awarded unemployment benefits and you disagree with that decision, you have the right to file an appeal. It is very important to understand the appeals process and what is expected of you. Click here to learn more!

Forms and Resources

Businesses can view and download the Employer Handbook for additional information and access necessary forms.

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board with a red push-pin that says Short-Time Compensation Program,
application is now open for employers as an alternative to layoffs

Short-Time Compensation for Employers

If an economic downturn is forcing you to consider layoffs, STC can help! With STC, employees work reduced hours while collecting partial unemployment benefits to supplement their temporarily reduced wages.