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Looking for job?

WorkForce West Virginia provides a wide array of services for job seekers and can help you file for unemployment benefits.

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Need Workers?

WorkForce West Virginia is the state’s primary resource center for employers to find qualified workers.


WorkForce West Virginia is committed to honoring our veterans by aiding them on their career search. We offer resources to help veterans successfully transition from military service, as well as resources to help veterans meet their employment goals through training programs. Regardless of where you are on your career path, we are here to help.



WorkForce West Virginia will help you find a new job. Our services can assist you with resume writing, developing your job interview skills, and we can help you find training opportunities to enhance your career prospects.



WorkForce staff can help businesses find the qualified workers they need to succeed. Businesses can also post job openings on our online database. We also provide information on tax incentives, the West Virginia labor market, and links to our workforce development partners.

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Job Fairs

A WorkForce Job Fair gives you the opportunity to meet with employers in person and apply for a new job.

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Employment Trends

Find information about West Virginia’s labor force, the state’s top employers, recent employment trends, and industry data.

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The WorkForce Newsroom has important announcements and news for businesses and job seekers.

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Partner Services

WorkForce West Virginia partners with a variety of agencies and service providers.

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Forms and Downloads

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