SIDES, or the State Information Data Exchange System, is a revolutionary platform designed to simplify and expedite the unemployment insurance process for employers. By facilitating secure electronic communication between state unemployment agencies and employers, SIDES streamlines the exchange of information related to unemployment claims.

With SIDES, employers can:

  • Submit Information Electronically: Say goodbye to paperwork and manual processes. SIDES enables employers to submit and receive unemployment insurance information electronically, reducing paperwork and administrative burdens.
  • Enhance Efficiency: SIDES accelerates the claims process, allowing employers to respond to requests for information quickly and efficiently. By streamlining communication between employers and state agencies, SIDES helps minimize delays and improve overall efficiency.    
  • Ensure Accuracy: By transmitting data electronically, SIDES helps ensure the accuracy and integrity of information exchanged between employers and state agencies. This helps reduce errors and discrepancies, leading to more accurate and timely processing of unemployment claims.    

WorkForce West Virginia currently offers Separation Information and Earnings Verification exchanges, with plans to implement the remaining SIDES exchanges in the future. Experience the benefits of SIDES and streamline your unemployment insurance process today!    

Ready to Sign-up?

If you currently have a WorkForce West Virginia Online Unemployment Compensation Employer Contribution Account, click this link to login.

If you do not have a WorkForce West Virginia Online Unemployment Compensation Employer Contribution Account, click this link to enroll.

For questions regarding SIDES, contact or 304-352-0946.


I’ve tried to log into the system to respond to a request but received a message that there are no requests associated with that account or credentials are not correct.

This is a very common issue when attempting to log in. You must enter the preceding zeros before the state identification number. Typically, there are four zeros, but this varies per individual account numbers.

How do I get my PIN number?

The PIN number will be included in each email that is sent notifying you of a request that needs your attention.

I tried logging into my account to see if there are any requests, but I can’t find any. Why? 

The account you’ve created within the WorkForce WV Online Unemployment Compensation Employer Contribution System can be used to update the email address where requests are to be sent and to add or remove authorized users. This site does not house the requests that have been generated. You may visit to see if you have any active requests that need attention. Your PIN number will be required.

I am attempting to create an account within the WorkForce WV Online Unemployment Compensation Employer Contribution System, but received a message that someone else is the Administrator. What does that mean and what can I do?

The WorkForce WV Online Unemployment Compensation Employer Contribution System is the website in which employers may file contribution wage reports. Many employers have individuals or accounting firms that file the quarterly contribution wage reports for them, and the Administrator is the person who enrolled in the account. If you know who that individual is, you can ask for them to go into the account, go into the “View/Change Participation” link and add you as an Administrator. It is perfectly acceptable to have multiple Administrators on one account. If you are unable to utilize that option, send an email to with a letter on company letterhead asking to be made the Administrator of the account. Include your contact information so a representative from WV Interactive may reach out to you to complete your request.

The person who used to handle our SIDES requests has left and did not change our contact information or leave the login credentials. Who do I contact to update our information? 

For assistance in updating contact information, contact the helpdesk at  or 304-352-0946.

For assistance in updating the WorkForce WV Online Unemployment Compensation Employer Contribution System account, contact WV Interactive via email or  304-414-0265.

Do you have an example email that shows what will be sent when I have a request for separation information that needs a response?


Sent: Wednesday, April 8, 2020 6:05 AM

To: company email address

Subject: Workforce West Virginia uiSIDES Notification – Separation Information Request(s) Pending

WorkForce West Virginia has sent Separation Information Requests to you via the uiSIDES E-Response website. To respond to these requests, please go to To log in to the website, use the company’s FEIN and WorkForce West Virginia Account Number, as well as the following PIN: 1234.

Employer: The company name will be here