Connectivity issue resolved that caused delay in delivery of some unemployment benefits

CHARLESTON, WV – On the evening of April 12, WorkForce West Virginia experienced a connectivity issue that caused an Automated Clearing House (ACH) overnight transfer to fail as it was being transferred to an outside payment vendor. As a result, 4,432 people did not receive their unemployment benefits as scheduled.

This issue has been resolved and is not expected to occur again. WorkForce understands the importance of timely delivery of benefits and aims to keep recipients informed. All outstanding payments will be delivered to recipients within 48 hours and regularly scheduled payments will take place as normal.

“Our team worked diligently with the vendor to resolve this problem and prevent it from happening in the future,” said acting WorkForce WV Commissioner Scott Adkins. “If you have questions or concerns, we encourage you to schedule a call with a WorkForce representative from our website.

If needed, WorkForce recommends using the online scheduling option to get in touch with a representative. This option can be found at by clicking the “schedule a live call” button on the home page.

More information about unemployment benefits and options available to claimants and recipients can be found at