Training & Education Opportunities

Does your desired career require additional training or education? If so, WorkForce can help get you started.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing a training program or an education provider:

  • How long is the program? When will I be in class (day, night, weekend)?
  • What kind of credential/degree/diploma/certificate will I have when I complete the program?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Is financial aid available? How do I apply? When will I know if I receive financial aid?
  • Is the cost of the training offset by the wages I will earn?
  • I need to support my family while I am in training. How can I do that? Will I need to work while in training?
  • Does the program offer job placement services? Is there someone involved in the program that can help me find a job in my field of study?

You can find answers to many of these questions by contacting schools that offer the training
program or degree that you are interested in. Talk to people who are in the program you are
interested in. You can also go online and review school websites to learn more about your
desired program.

How to Pay for Training or Education:

Technical schools, colleges and universities can provide information on financial aid; if you are interested in a certain program, contact that school’s financial aid office. You can also visit to learn about federal student loans to help you pay for your training. WorkForce West Virginia may also have WIOA funds available to help you pay for training.