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Your Future Starts Here

Looking for a job? Workforce West Virginia stands ready to help kick-start your future career and offers a number of resource assistance opportunities throughout every step of the job-searching process. Your bright future is just five steps away.

Step #1: Get your high school diploma or equivalent

All industry and skilled jobs require a high school diploma. If you already have your diploma, move onto Step #2. If you do not have a diploma, you will need to pass the high school equivalency test. Contact your local Workforce West Virginia office for information on how to prepare, study and register.

Step #2: Identify your skills, assessments, and learn job-etiquette

Unsure of what career path to take? Identify your skills to find jobs that better align with your areas of expertise and what you enjoy. Workforce West Virginia offers job-seekers career assessments, personality appraisals to help match your strengths with career paths. Local offices also have information to help you brush up on key workplace etiquette practices, like appropriate dress and time management.

Step #3: Earn a certificate, degree or license

When the time comes to get the qualifications you need, Workforce West Virgnia can help connect you with education programs and skilled-training opportunities in your local community. Simply call or stop by your local office for more specific information.

Aircraft Structures Training Program is a successful 8-week class to prepare individuals for a new career in airframe repair and assembly, in collaboration with local aerospace companies actively hiring entry-level workers.

Let's Train WV

Long-term unemployed? You may qualify to receive paid on-the-job training fora stable, well-paying job in West Virginia's top career fields, such as manufacturing, oil and natural gas, healthcare and many more. To determine whether or not you are eligible, take this short quiz.

Step #4: Polish your job-seeking skills

No matter the business, industry or job at hand, Workforce West Virginia will help you polish your skills and prepare you for future job interviews. Local offices offer free assistance with resume and cover letter presentation, practice interviews, interview prep and computer access to conduct research and prepare your materials.

Step #5: Find and secure a stable, well-paying job

It's now time to put your new skills and information to the test. Kick-off your job search via the Workforce West Virginia employment database. Here, you will find the largest record of available jobs in West Virginia. Call or stop by your local Workforce West Virginia office to receive additional information on the current job market, scheduled job fairs and upcoming workshops.