Choosing a Payment Method

If I want my benefits to be directly deposited into my bank account, what must I do?

You may self-enroll for direct deposit online at either or within two to four days of filing your initial unemployment compensation claim.  If you have an existing claim, you may register at any time.  You will need your social security number and four-digit PIN you selected when you filed your unemployment claim, as well as a check which has the transit routing number and account number for your financial institution.  If you do not have a PIN number or wish to change your PIN, contact your local office for assistance.

You must acknowledge the West Virginia Department of Commerce’s Privacy notice and agree to authorize the unemployment program to route your unemployment compensation benefits to your selected bank account.  In addition, you also must agree to accept full responsibility for providing the correct information and hold Workforce West Virginia harmless from any and all claims. 

You will be asked to enter your bank name, transit routing number, select a checking or savings account, and enter your account number.  To verify that you correctly entered your transit routing number and account number, you are required to reenter both a second time.  Refrain from copying and pasting this information; doing so will cause you to reenter numbers that you may have typed incorrectly the first time and, thus, delay or prevent you from receiving your payment.  Print and keep this page for your records as it is the only opportunity you have to view the entire transit routing and account numbers.  Once you save the information, your transit routing and account numbers are immediately masked and you can only see the last four digits.   

What information do I need to know if I choose direct deposit?

You must enroll prior to 4:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time for your registration to be effective the same day. If you incorrectly enter your social security number and/or PIN number, you will be locked out of the site for thirty (30) minutes.  We do not verify the accuracy of your banking information, nor do we send a pre-authorization request to your bank prior to payment.  Therefore, it is extremely important that you enter your banking information correctly.

You must select a U.S. bank that is recognized by the Federal Reserve Automated Clearing House (FedACH).  Because some credit unions and savings and loan institutions have routing numbers that are not compatible with direct deposit, do not rely only on the information printed on your bank checks.  Instead, you should always verify that your banking information is accurate and compatible before registering for direct deposit.  You may go online to the Federal Reserve E-Payment Routing Directory by clicking to locate and confirm a transit routing number.

It may take two to four business days after your benefit week is processed to complete the transfer of funds to your bank account (excludes weekends and holidays).  You must contact your bank to confirm the payment was received.    

If your payment is unable to be deposited into your bank account and is returned to us, we will issue the returned payment to you in a check and change your payment method back to the unemployment debit card.  If you wish to continue with direct deposit, you must self-enroll again.  If you use a joint bank account, we will not release payment information to anyone other than you. Also be advised that it is your responsibility to recover funds removed by a joint party.

If I want to utilize the state issued debit card, what must I do?

A state issued unemployment debit card is automatically mailed to you after filing your first initial unemployment compensation claim, along with information telling you how to activate the card and select a four digit PIN number.  Once you activate the card, you can access available funds.

If you enrolled for direct deposit and want to change back to the unemployment debit card, contact your local office to tell them you want to use the debit card as your method of payment.

What information do I need to know if I choose the state issued debit card?

The month and year expiration date will show on the front of your card.  If your card is expired or you do not have a card, you will need to contact the unemployment debit card provider at 1-866-295-2955 to request that a new card be mailed to you.  If the card is sent through regular mail, there is no charge; if you wish to expedite the card, there is a $12.50 fee and there must be sufficient funds in your account to cover the fee.

Please be advised that all calls to the debit card customer service center are monitored and recorded.  You may reach a customer service representative 24 hours a day/365 days a year by calling 1-866-295-2955. Press option 1 to select your language, and then option to 1 to report your card lost or stolen.  This will take you directly to a customer service representative.  

To avoid surcharges and transaction fees associated with ATM’s, only use a Key, Allpoint, or WesBanco ATM to check your balance or make cash withdrawals.  Teller-assisted transactions are also free at any MasterCard member bank.  Using the cash-back option during a point-of-sale transaction at a retail store allows you to withdraw money without having to pay surcharges and fees.    To find a free-free ATM close to you, please visit these links:

By creating an account at you can sign up for automatic alerts that tell you when a payment is deposited to your card, enroll in direct bill pay, check your balance, print monthly statements, and get all of your account information online for free.