Guidance Notices and Policies

Guidance Notices Policies

Guidance No. 02-11 TAA

Guidance Notice No. 02-13-01 Tool Inventory Maintenance Storage Guidance

Guidance No. 02-18-26 Disaster NDWG Eligibility Catagory Definitions

Guidance Notice 5-16 Service Delivery

Guidance Notice 6-16 Eligibility

Guidance Notice 6-16 Eligibility, Change 2

Guidance Notice 7-16 Case Management Follow Up

Guidance No. 08-12 Modified Training Plan to Extend TAA Training Contract Beyond the Initial End Date

Guidance No. 8-13 Computer Purchase Procedure for TAA Participants

Guidance No. 8-14 Eligible State Training Provider List for TAA Participants

Guidance No. 8-16 SP Enrollment for Participants Currently Receiving WIOA DW Formula Funds

Guidance No. 10-12 Full & Part-time Status for TAA Training Participants

Final Guidance Notice No 11-13 WIOA Funding Transfers

Final Guidance Notice No. 12-09-01Training Allowance Policy WFWV

Final Guidance No 14-09-19 Coal NDWG OJTs

Guidance Notice 15-12 Change 2: WFWV Drug Screening 2018

WIOA Guidance Notice No. 3-17 Equal Opportunity Monitoring

WIOA Guidance Notice No. 2-17 Communication with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Persons

WIOA Guidance Notice No. 01-17 - Provision of Career Services

WIOA Guidance Notice No. 01-15 - Designation/Re-Designation

WIOA Guidance Notice No. 02 -15 - Local Workforce Development Board (LWDB) Member Nomination Guidelines, WorkForce WV Confirmation Process and Board Certification by the WV Development Board (WVWDB)

WFWV Guidance Notice No. 15 -12 - Workforce Investment Act Participant Drug Screening

WFWV Guidance Notice No. 1 -16 - Conflict of Interest

WFWV Guidance Notice No. 2 -16 - Public Access to Board Meetings

WFWV Guidance Notice No. 3 -16 - Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities

WFWV Guidance Notice No. 4 -16 - Veterans Priority of Service

WFWV Guidance Notice 8-16: Sector Partnership Enrollment for Participants Currently Receiving WIOA DW Formula Funds

WFWV Guidance Notice 9-16: 2016-2020 Requirements for Local Plans

WFWV Guidance Notice 7-16 - Case Management/Follow-Up

WFWV Guidance Notice 10-16 - Supportive Services/Needs Related Payments


WIOA Policy No. 06-17 - Memorandum of Understanding/Infrastructure Guidance

WIOA Policy No. 01-17 - Transfer of Funds Between Adult and Dislocated Worker Local Formula

WIOA Policy No. 02-17 - Requesting Additional Funds - Updated

WIOA Policy No. 03-17 - Grievance and Complaint Procedures

WIOA Policy No. 04-17 - Procurement and Selection of One-Stop Operators and Service Providers

Updated WIOA Policy No. 01-15 - ETPL

WIOA Policy No. 01-15 - WorkForce West Virginia

WIOA Policy 01-16 Incumbent Worker

WIOA Policy 2-16 Priority of Service Policy for Adult Title I Funding

WIOA Policy 3-16 Transitional Jobs Policy

WIOA Policy 5-16 Accessibility & Reasonable Accommodations

Customer Reasonable Accommodation Request Form


WARN Notices

Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act

Public Law 100-379 (29 U.S.C. §2101 et. seq.)

Who is affected by the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act?
Employers with 100 or more full-time workers and the employer deems it necessary to do any of the following: Close a facility or discontinue an operating unit with 50 or more full-time workers; Lay off 50-499 full-time workers (and these workers comprise at least 33% of the total work force at a single site of employment) or, layoff 500 or more full-time workers at a single site of employment.

Employers must send notice, in writing, to the following three entities:

  1. Each employee to be laid off or, if represented by a union(s), to the employee’s union representative(s). Mailing of notice to employee’s last known address or inclusion of notice in the employee’s paycheck envelope is also an appropriate means of notice.
  2. The local government’s chief elected official. If in more than one jurisdiction, notice should be sent to the local elected official of the jurisdiction to which the most taxes are paid.
  3. The West Virginia State Dislocated Worker Unit at the following address:

West Virginia Dislocated Worker Unit
Attn: Martha Craig-Hinchman
1900 Kanawha Boulevard East
Building 3, Suite 300
Charleston, WV 25305

What should be included in the notice?

The name and street address of the employment site where the plant closing or mass layoff will occur, a statement as to whether it is a plant closing or a mass layoff, the expected date of the first separation and the number of affected employees in each job classification, a statement as to the existence of any applicable bumping rights, the name of each union and the name and address of the chief elected officer of each union if applicable, and the name/address/telephone number of a company official to contact for further information. These are the major provisions of the WARN legislation. Employers are encouraged to consult an attorney if faced with the unpleasant prospect of a plant closing or mass layoff if they have questions regarding this legislation. Additional information on WARN is also available at the U.S. Department of Labor website by clicking on

A Rapid Response Team has been established to provide employment transition information to dislocated workers covered by WARN on resources and services available for career planning, classroom training opportunities, financial guidance, job placement assistance, unemployment benefits, stress counseling, and much more.

View Current WARN Notices

Annual Reports

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