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  • WV Parental Leave Act (State Agencies and County Boards of Education)  (English)
  • WV Nurses Overtime and Patient Safety Act (Hospitals Only)  (English)
  • Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (Agricultural subject to MSPA)  (English/Spanish)
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (State and Local Government) (English)
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (Agricultural Employees) (English) (Spanish)



Tax Credits

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit program offering significant incentives for employers who hire and retain individuals from specific target groups that have in the past experienced difficulty in securing employment.

Employers can:

  • Receive tax credits for hiring individuals from targeted groups yet still make their own hiring decisions.
  • Reduce their federal tax liability by as much as $2,400 per new hire during their first year of employment.
  • Help those most in need to become economically self-sufficient.
  • Hire as many qualified employees as their payroll will allow.
  • Reduce their recruitment and training costs.
  • Claim the tax credit with minimal paperwork.
  • Provide valuable on-the-job experiences to qualified job seekers.

How does an employer apply for the tax credit?

Employers must complete two forms: 1) Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 8850--Prescreening Notice and Certification Request, and 2) Employment and Training Administration (ETA) 9061--Individual Characteristics Form. Employers must provide required documentation and original signatures. Employers must meet the filing deadline-applications must be postmarked within 28 days of start work date.

How can an employer get the required forms?

Both the IRS 8850 and the Department of Labor ETA 9061 may be downloaded from the WOTC homepage:


Employers may call the WOTC state office at (304) 558-5050 to request forms.

Let's Train WV

Training  & Skills Assessments

The Governor's Guaranteed Work Force Program

The Governor’s Guaranteed Work Force Program provides financial and technical assistance to West Virginia’s new and expanding businesses for training, retraining or for upgrading the skills of existing and new employees.

On-the-Job Training

On-the-Job Training (OJT) provides unique opportunities for participants to "learn as they earn." The employer benefits by being reimbursed for part of the participant’s wages during the training period, while having the services of a full-time employee.

Federal Bonding Program

Thinking of hiring an employee with past fraudulent or dishonest acts?  Our FREE Federal Bonding Program may be right for you.  Get a $5,000 fidelity bond against employee dishonesty with NO DEDUCTIBLE.

For more information, please visit a local office or call 1-800-252-JOBS.

Let's Train WV

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